I start driving back home later that weekend and my car starts to get hot again. It doesn't go all the way up, but it gets close. I turn the AC off and I drive slower (lower RPM's) and it helps bring the temp down a little, but it is still high.This past weekend, I drive to Atlanta. I still get the hot engine problem. I get my radiator flushed. I drive back to South Carolina yesterday. Still same problem. It gets hot, but not all the way. If it starts getting too hot, I will pull over and let it cool down some.So, the car drives fine around the city and stuff, but once I get on the interstate after about an hour or two, it will start getting hot.So, short version. Radiator fan fuse blows. Replace it. Car now runs hot on long interstate drives. As soon as I pull of the interstate, it cools down quite a bit. So, I have heard it could be something small like a screwed up radiator cap not keeping the pressure or the thermostat could be bad. Also, a blocked radiator or bad water pump could be the culprit. The worst case is that I have a blown head gasket.So, with these symptoms, what does the ARS Collective think is wrong with my car?

Please help.

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